One Fine Day Events is a mother/daughter event planning business here to serve the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas.  We have been doing coordinating weddings and other events together for over 5 years.  We strive to make sure that all the details, right down to the finest of them, are in place and ready for you to enjoy on your big day.  For our weddings, we believe that the bride and groom, along with every single guest, should remain stress free and focused on having a great time.  Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and we are there to make sure it is a memory you will never forget by handling everything for you.  We aren't limited to just weddings, and the same motto goes for all other types of events.  Whether it be a corporate luncheon, birthday party, or baby shower, we are there for you to make sure you only have to focus on the important things, like entertaining or mingling with co-workers.  We will keep you on schedule and stress free all day!

We may be new to the event planning industry, however, our passion, great communication skills, and drive to put on a great event on your behalf would suggest we have been doing this for much much longer.  In fact, we have been planning events for years.  We have spent several years working on and assisting in the planning of a local non-profit event called Relay For Life, right here in Roanoke and some events in North Carolina.  We have also put together many corporate dinners/functions, baby showers, and, of course, weddings.  We offer FREE in-person consultations so we can talk through your event needs and where exactly our place in that event would be.  Contact us today!  "You're gonna want us as your girls!"

Our Story

A few years ago a friend of the family asked us to help coordinate her wedding for her.  She was a "DIY" bride, but she knew that she couldn't run the entire day and still allow herself to enjoy her big day that she had planned so hard for.  Of course, we said yes, and we made the car trip up to the wedding and got straight to work.  We laughed and kept saying that we were official because we had walkie-talkies to communicate through the entire event.  Now those walkie-talkies must have really done the trick because by the end of the wedding people were asking us the name of our business and how many weddings had we done.  We simply laughed it off and told them it was just a favor to the bride.  It wasn't until we found ourselves with other request for coordination that we thought about a business.  Thus began the process of figuring out a business name and where exactly to start.  Today, we are up and running and we book events up to 18 months in advance.